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Jimmy Patrick Okema, Police PRO Aswa

Gulu Bus Park Cleared for Public Access After Bomb Scare

Gulu buspark has been opened for public access after the police cordoned it off for some hours today due to a bomb scare there.

Police and Army authorities later denoted the bomb in Gulu Bus Park, that was planted by yet to be established persons.

The bomb was discovered by travelers in Gulu Bus Park at around 9:00 am.

In a press briefing at the scene of the event today, Aswa Region police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema, urged the community to remain calm and be vigilant to report any of such cases to police.

Meanwhile, calmness has returned to the town.


Gulu residents take a glance of where the bomb was detonated from at the Bus Park


Police say garbage sites are prone to bomb dumping and should be cleared more often


Gulu Bus Park LC1Paul Okeny alerted the authority about the bomb


4th Division UPDF Spokesperson Capt. Ceaser Olweny was at the Bomb scare scene in Gulu


Police barricade the bomb scare scene as on-lookers watch out the police comb the bomb


UPDF soldiers moving to the next bomb suspected scene

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