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Pope Francis Moment at Munyonyo Shrine

Following his encounter with the leaders of Uganda, the Pope travelled 38 kilometres by car from Entebbe to Munyonyo, the place where King Mwanga II (1884-1903) chose to exterminate the Christians of Uganda and where in May 1886 the first four martyrs were killed, including St. Andrew Kaggwa, patron of Ugandan catechists. Every year catechists gather in the area of ...

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Norwegian diplomats concerned over developments in Uganda

Norwegian diplomats are concerned over developments in Uganda and believe that President Yoweri Museveni is becoming increasingly authoritarian. According to a new website at www.nettavisen.no, The democratic development can be said to stagnate , concludes the Norwegian Embassy in Kampala in a note NTB have accessed .   In February, it held a presidential election and election of a new national ...

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