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Lutukmoi Unveils the “Lira Waa –My City” Campaign

The Resident district commissioner Lira, Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi) has developed a unique model aimed at putting lira into a city status. “It’s a workable model that will be adopted by many districts vying to become cities” said Lutukmoi adding that, the model is a collective responsibility model. Where everybody in the community takes personal responsibility in hygiene and cleanliness. The ...

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It’s Naïve To Ignore RDCs Office

Even a fool knows, and the dullest mind would not miss the point that RDCs are fundamental and key in service delivery chain in districts. Its paramount that someone reports on government programmes to enable line ministries track progress and inform the decision making process. RDC’s knows their roles, article 203 of the constitution is clear; their cardinal role is ...

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2016 Election Process a Vote of Confidence For 1986 Revolution

Don in attire of courage and brevity, with hearts of patriotism, a vision for Peace, unity, democracy, Nationalism, Socio-economic transformation, a helpless youth led by a youthful patriot Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, picked up arms in their rag tag status to liberate the country. They sang revolutionary songs; “Fellow countrymen, we must all struggle, our country Uganda must be free. ….un ...

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