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Our site is a communication podium offering direct link to the media and the web for, Public Relation Firms, NGO, CSO, International Foreign Missions, Government ministries, Local government departments, corporate companies, social entrepreneurs and institutions looking for publicity and outstanding reputation.

The team behind Northern Newswire has been at the helm of media work and built contacts; we know who your audiences are, what they want and how they want to get it done thus this unique fast and reliable opportunity with great deal of substance, style, originality, adequate space and market mix.

NEWS WRAP: Creating stories that Connects People and Ignite social Change

Our News Wrap acts as a cross reference guide for those interested in understanding the social, economic and political environment in Northern Uganda, a hub for journalist looking for news tip from people and organizations like yours. Northernews WIRE carries exclusive investigative and eye witness account reports unearthed by our team of varied community journalist in their quest for a just and democratic society.



Get your News Release to a great and bigger audience instantly with Northern Newswire today. Our press release distribution service allows your news and/or articles instantly reach over 40 radio stations in the entire Northern Uganda and beyond while we are at work 24/7 giving you mileage.

You can consider subscribing to our friendly press release distribution package and use it at any time of the year. However, organizational whose policies does not allow paying for publicity are welcome to enter paid sponsorship or advertising agreement with Northern Newswire in return for additional exposure. We are quite aware that you do not work for free and neither do we, you can consider supporting our cause for fresh news and information today.

Press Release Distribution Rates

Single News Release                                                           $ 40

Monthly News Release                                                      $ 100

Quarterly News Release                                                    $ 200

Annual New Release                                                          $ 350

To Submit A Release! Read our Top Press Release Publishing Priority Index: Northern Newswire Publishes and share fresh stories as they come in from time to time with the NEWS GRIDLINE carrying,

  • Breaking news stories
  • Timely stories submitted by our writers
  • On spot relevant stories received from our newswire services
  • Eye witness accounts, Stories from independent writers and bloggers
  • Stories from News Releases posted by those subscribed and supporting our cause
  • Releases received from current advertisers or sponsors
  • Interesting non advertorial press releases
  • All interesting new story ideas

SEO- Any Press Release and/or news article entrusted with Media Plus is embedded with a link for Search Engine Optimization advantages.


Our client list includes:-

  • Radio stations
  • Local Government Ministries
  • Foreign Missions/Embassies
  • Private Entities
  • International Media Agencies
  • Online News Agencies
  • News papers
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • NGO/CSO and CBOs


Get your press release written for an unbeatable promotional offer of just $30. Press release writing services from Northern Newswire is preferred for its powerful presentation and format which finds ready acceptance among top news distribution resources both offline and online. A well distributed Press Release is only as good as what’s written in it

Simple: Distributing a press release well is just half the job done. The other half of the job is to ensure that your message is conveyed to your audience.

This means, your press release should be written professionally by someone with experience. If you’re confident about writing the perfect press release all by yourself, don’t hesitate; start writing. If you face problems, feel free to contact us for insights and ideas.

However, if you’ve never written a press release before, don’t worry. We have an expert team of experienced press release writers who will create the perfect press release for you. All you need to do is tell us what you want to convey to your audience by dropping us an email on what you have in mind and that interaction will give us a glimpse into what you want to communicate. We get you unbeatable offer of just $30!, we pick on from scratch to a great release at no extra cost for the time and value added.

You won’t find another press release distribution service offering so much for so little. We have the resources, systems, and processes to deliver on our promise and beyond. We’re also committed to offering the best press release services to small and medium organizations at an affordable cost.



No editor will run a story with shoddy blurred picture; they are looking out for quality pictures that can increase on their sales. A picture is worth a thousand words, it must be a great picture to catch the eye of the editor and grab the reader’s attention.

For great photographic projects, commissioned or contracted, Northern Newswire is always there to help do it for you at a friendly corporate price. The photographers have done a couple of field assignment including press and private events photography deals and delivered tangible photos while maintaining brand visibility. For bookings you can contact us on: info@northernewswire.com and we start the conversation.


Get real quality HD action movie of your event edited to standard with support from our film crew, for full length movies, documentaries or web video clips to help boost your site views. Advance booking for upcoming video coverage need, documentary film production or a commission video production role for agencies is highly welcome.


Mac Space –Brings you local and national preset advance calendar notice of events including conferences, product launch, commission, community event, dialogue, debates and anniversary celebration all in one space all free of charge. The best most customizes and preferred reference page for info tips.


The blog space provides an opportunity for blogger, freelancers, Journalist student, passionate writers to showcase their work while or partner organization use it to profile their organization with a single page including organizational overview of activities, logo and contact details.

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