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Excitement as Prospective Activities at Orom Graphite Site Commence

Prospective activities on the 18-sqkm graphite deposit site in Orom sub-county, Kitgum district have finally commenced stimulating local excitement.
In 2013, a private exploration company, Discovery Africa, broke news of the presence of vast deposits of the valuable graphite mineral in Orom hill, Locomo Village in Akurumor Parish.

Mining trucks on site

Mining trucks on site

According to Orom LC3 Chairperson, Quirino Olum, campsite clearance, campsite establishment, airfield rehabilitation and access-road opening are some of the latest activities taking place at the site.
Alongside graphite, Quirino further explained that the endowed Orom hill is believed to be harboring huge industrial Zinc mineral deposits which are subject to further tests.
Quirino also says it’s expected that Consolidated Africa Resources will carry out the actual mining of the industrial mineral after the end of the airborne geophysical study program which is currently in progress.


Graphite is a highly-sought-after commercial mineral used in the manufacturing of pencils, batteries, electrical rods and other industrial products.

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