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Month-Long Power Outage Threatens Security in Kitgum

Prisoner grapples in total darkness behind bars

Prisoner grapples in total darkness behind bars

Uganda police and prisons authorities in Kitgum barracks have been attacked by panic following a month-long running power outage that has rendered all their communication gadgets inoperative.


The security-threatening power outage has been caused by a reported transformer fault at the main power distribution line in June along the Irene Gleeson road.


Kitgum District Police Commander Jackson Baryampika says the disastrous power blackout has led to administrative setbacks while both outgoing and incoming calls have been debarred.


The situation is not any better at Kitgum central prison as confirmed by Officer in Charge Patrick Epila. Epila says Umeme authorities should have made public announcement instead of leaving its clients in bleak suspense.


Umeme branch office in Kitgum declined to comment on the power blackout referring this reporter to their head office in Kampala.

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