Sergeant Kifulugunyu dead, leaves behind 40 children

Sgt. Steven Ssempagala 74, aka Kifulugunyu, the chief composer of 1986 NRA liberation war songs such as Kino kyekiseera, O’motonawaaka, Nitasonga and Kibonge, among others is dead.

After serving in the army [from the Late Idi Amin army to UPDF] for over 40 years, Kifulugunyu died a poor man. He limelight when his music videos were often featured on UTV (now UBC), as he performed in military uniform
In 2008, he received eight Million Uganda shilling as retirement package, which he used to secure a small plot of land in Ttula Kawempe, a Kampala suburb.
Using small resources, he constructed a small house. He later secured loan using this very house as collateral. Unfortunately, the house was put on sell after he failed to pay the loan.

By time of his death, he was surviving hand to mouth. He survived by selling NRA songs on CDs and films, selling kaveera water, in public places and pop corns in and around Kampala.
Born on January 8, 1937 to Elifaza Bulasiyo Mwebe and Phoebe Nalumanga in Namiringa Village in Wakiso district, Kifulugunyu dropped out of school in Primary Four and became a mechanic.
In 1964, he joined the army and served for 43 years.
In 1965 when Uganda went to support Congolese nationalist rebels led by Moishe Tshombe, Kifulugunyu was among the soldiers who participated in that war.


In 1973, when the late Col Muammar Gaddafi of Libya invaded Chad, Kifulugunyu was also among the soldiers of fortune. Uganda had sent some soldiers to train in Libya in a Commando Course. After the mission, they returned to Uganda and Kifulugunyu was sent to Iraq and later to former Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics for further training.
After the 1979 war, Kifulugunyu like all former Uganda army soldiers was imprisoned.

In 1980, he managed to escape with other ex-servicemen from Upper Maximum Security Prison, Luzira.
In 1984, a one Kasinzi took him to the National Resistance Army rebels. Unfortunately, the day he arrived in the bush, Kifulugunyu was arrested after he said he was Uganda Army soldier but had escaped from jail- he was suspected to be a spy.
With his guitar, he started singing for the prisoners. After two days, he was set free and made the OC Morale. His major role in the bush was to entertain fighters.

In 2008, at the rank of Warrant Officer Class I, obtained in 1973, Kifulugunyu was retired from the national army after 44 years of service.

He was married to Saudah Nalubega. Early this year, he told local daily that he had fathered more than 40 children.

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