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Oulanya Gives Up On Wife -GO

Deputy Speaker Oulanyah “Sexually Starved” Files For Divorce

Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, the deputy speaker of Uganda Parliament who also doubles as member of Parliament Omoro county has filed for divorce accusing his wife long time bedmate Winnie Amoo Oulanyah, of sexually starving him as per reports.

According to Court documents Oulanyah filed for divorce in the High Court of Uganda at Kampala (Family Division) on August 22 July through M/s Lex Uganda Advocates and Solicitors. In the affidavit, Oulanyah says he has been denied sex by his wife since February.

“She “Winnie” has been emotionally stressing me” said Olanya in a court document that found its way to the press room.

He also claims his wife mistreats his three children from the first marriage. Oulanyah’s first wife, Ms Dorothy Nangwale Oulanyah, died of cardiac arrest at Mulago Hospital in August 2009.

According to sources, Oulanyah’s marriage hit the rocks after his wife Amoo suspected him of cheating. Sources reveal that Amoo’s investigators smoked out the Speaker with another woman.

But Oulanyah’s camp has denied these allegations insisting on other issues chief among them mistreatment of his children from a previous relationship and long distance. She lives in the United States.

On August 14, court served his Mother-in- Law, Ms Santa Okot with sermons to file her defense within 15 days although she has since advised Mr Oulanyah’s lawyers to send their summons to America where her daughter lives. Ms Okot on August 28 complained that the Summon was given to the “wrong address and wrong person.”

“Lady Winnie Amoo Oulanyah is my daughter but I am not Lady Winnie Amoo Oulanyah as the letter (Summon) was addressed. I am Okot Santa,” the mother to Oulanyah’s wife wrote. “I have no answer to give since I was not the one who got married to the petitioner.”


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