Did you know you can PAUSE , REWIND… ALIVE TV PROGRAM

I always wished if i could pause  a TV program  when my mum sent me for  something at shop. Well Good news.
With the DStv Explora, you can pause, rewind, forward sports game so that you can come back later to watch it.
With the DStv Explora, you can make your viewing on SuperSport even more exciting:

1. Pause

When your team has just scored and you need a minute to jump up and down or maybe run around your living room, just hit PAUSE on your DStv Explora remote and celebrate as much as you can. Then catch your breath, maybe grab a bottle of water from the kitchen to cool off then come right back, hit PLAY and continue right where you left off.

2. Rewind

You know those playbacks that you love so much, especially when you want to see how your team scored that beautiful goal. Now you can relive such beautiful moments any time you feel like it by rewinding the match on your DStv Explora.

3. Slow-mo

Who doesn’t like the thrill of slow-mos, watching your favourite player slide past the keeper with the ball and feeling like you can count every second of it.

Even better, now with an internet-connected DStv Explora, you can record all the weekend matches remotely regardless of where you are.

4. Record

And if you can’t make it back to the house in time for the game, you can always record the live action on your DStv Explora and watch it later when you can make the time.

Get the DStv Explora and change the way you watch your sports. Fill out the form below and get your DStv Explora online:

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