Pastor Benny Hinn among the richest pastors on Earth with Net Worth $42 Million

God is faithful, In the  Old  Testament , If we read about most of the men who served God, they were loaded people, rich and respected. Its true not all of them but some where filthy rich. u will realize  even those who where not rich Bible says  they   lacked none. Abraham was so rich  and wealthy in livestock , silver and gold, . Solomon  received over twenty-five tons of gold, in addition to the taxes paid by the traders, Noah had a boat  which could accommodate all animals in the world,  One which America, Russia or Korea dont have yet. Cant mention all, in New testament, even though the Disciples didnt have lands  and hotels, the Bible says none lacked (Book of Acts).

God is the same today , yesterday and tomorrow, and has blessed Pastors with wealth in this life as  HE did in old times. Below are some of the richest Pastors on Earth

1. Pastor Benny Hinn Net Worth  is $42 Million.


2. Kenneth Copeland: Net Worth $760 Million

3. Pat Robertson: Net Worth $100 Million

4. Billy Graham: Net Worth $25 Million

5. Joyce Meyer: Net Worth $8 Million


6. Bishop T D Jakes Worth $150.2Million – Richest Pastor as of  year 2016

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