Mwaka Lutukmoi with the team to steer up the project

Lutukmoi Unveils the “Lira Waa –My City” Campaign

The Resident district commissioner Lira, Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi) has developed a unique model aimed at putting lira into a city status.

“It’s a workable model that will be adopted by many districts vying to become cities” said Lutukmoi adding that, the model is a collective responsibility model. Where everybody in the community takes personal responsibility in hygiene and cleanliness. The model creates two model streets. In these streets, everyone, business takes responsibility. With the Town Clerk as its CEO. The model looks at twining the city with others for better waste management. Then the other remaining streets are given out for leadership by specific leaders. Like the RDC, CAO, Media, CSOs etc. They take leadership. They together with the community identify challenges and how to keep the city clean. There will be over 200 dust bins along the streets. Homes will be pained in different colours. After some time, Lira will have Lira Waa Carnival…..

The conceptual Framework

Lira WA campaign will combine communal, visual and c cultural approach. It envisages and envisions a clean city. The two model streets that will be considered will act as radar for other streets to reciprocate.  It’s about individual, communal and societal participation to inculcate the spirit of responsibility. The model streets will erase attitudinal mentality of thinking it’s impossible to be clean yet it’s possible. We have laws on street parking, noise and hygiene, but people seldom follow. With wrong mentality, people do not act with integrity; one for example uses water and throws the bottle anyhow.

The Lira Wa campaign will engage everybody, and encourage dialogue, and ownership. The two identified model streets will have it’s membership brought on board, that is whoever trade or have a house along the street. The stakeholders along that street will take the first responsibility of leadership. The businesses along the street, the business community in the district, the different corporate companies, Banks, Civil society, the media, and inhabitants of Lira.

 Lira Wa campaign will have the town clerk as the CEO. The Municipality will be responsible for the cleanliness; the stake holders will design monthly communal work. The Corporate companies and different stakeholders will contribute to purchase and brand at least 100 different waste bins along the streets. The campaign strategy will include twining Lira with other cities. This will help strategies on waste management etc. After six months, we shall celebrate Lira Wa City with a powerful carnival; first of its kind, thus making Lira a unique city, and as well as forcing government to fast track the city status.

NOTE: besides the two model streets, other streets will be allocated for ownership and leadership. For example, the media, Civil Society, Business community, civil servants will take up specific streets besides the two.

Intro….Lira WA Is a campaign that looks at making Lira one of the cleanest cities in Uganda and a destination everyone would want associate with. It aims at making Lira a brand and a cooperate town that host both national and international events.

To begin with Lira WA campaign is a Model that I developed in the two years I have been working in Lira. We will locate two streets as model streets that call for total cleanliness. It takes the Obote Lane from Roundabout up to the Crane Bank, them from Oyite Ojok Lane round the mayor’s gardens. The Mayor Garden will be modified.

Lira is poised to become a city after major 5 Cities, but with a model of Lira Wa, we can bring the dream closer. Already Lira is a Host of 28 Billion ultramodern Market, Lira has the only Irrigation Scheme (42 bn) Investment in Northern Uganda that will no doubt make Lira the bread basket of Uganda and East Africa with the EA integration.

Lira has 45 oil seed factories. Mukwano groups of companies support over 80.000 farmers buying oil seeds, Mt Meru invested close to 20 $ m (US Dollars), employs hundreds. It pays energy tax worth 200 Million to government monthly. Lira has over 8 huge Banks and several small and large scale businesses. In December 2015, Lira paid up 700 Million shillings In  taxes to URA. In 2014, It paid a total of 6.5 Billion shillings in taxes. Combined Lira gives close to sometimes a billion to UMEME as power Tariffs. This makes Lira the best trade and tax base destination for Uganda that made 10 trillion in 2014 and a projection of 12 trillion in 2015/16.

LIRA WA (our Lira) Is a model of uniting community to own the district, love it, brand it and be proud of it. The model makes an individual feels the sense of ownership and responsibility. Fort Portal is the cleanest city in Uganda. This brings in tourism and it will no doubt improve investments and force government to fast track the city status quickly. A city is a city because of cleanness, security and organisation.

Team Lira WA

The stake holders include; Business owners, Land Lords, the civil servants, , CSOs, cultural leaders, elite, companies, Banks , several communities living in Lira, and the entire  Lango community .

 Team Lira WA-Roles:  will register the number of people doing business on the streets, Land Loads. It will assess the challenges per street .It will set up at least 100 dust bins, the bins will be branded by different corporate companies, Banks and factories or mobile phone companies.

Community/ Communal cleanness…{Lira Wa day ). The District will assign specific day in a week to clean up the town communally. The assigned streets shall regularly have weekly cleanliness to make the city great. All these will be through concerted corporation with Lira Municipal council.  We shall jointly have to keep Lira WA clean campaigns.

The Town clerk will be the Executive head of the Lira Wa campaign that will call for regular meetings. The Security committee will also play a major role in coordination.  We shall assign streets to leaders to take the lead per street. After a year we compete to see which street is better. We shall encourage people to paint their houses and make good drainages leading to homes and shops.

The Media: The media will be tasked to do Monitoring and Evaluation, but will be assigned streets to manage.

Lira WA  T. Shirts. The Lira Wa campaigns will have T. shirts printed, and Magazine printed for information purposes.

Lira WA campaigns programme’ will start by stakeholders meeting on Friday 22 January 2016, then Launch in Early February 2016.

 –“There is one thing that can destroy all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come….” Hugo Victor. LIRA WA is the idea we must all support! It’s a model of individual ownership of his/her environment. Ownership comes with responsibility.


Purchase of Road Cleaners (tractors) for effective cleaning.

Encouraging renovation of old buildings, better sanitary materials, like drainage and waste bins…

Waste management…

Dialogue with stake holders…

Mwaka Lutukumoi RDC Lira

“Dialogue works better than byelaws” a young entrepreneur in Lira, Daniel Anyang, Up county Multi Media UG…

The next stake holders meeting is on 29thJan 2016.

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