farmers protesting in four states of india

India farmers committing suicide over low food prices

National Crime Record  BUREU records 1 deaf  every 41 minutes in India because of farmers protesting over low food prices.  The farmers  believe that the government is intentionally keeping crop prices low to meet the demand of the country’s growing cities, they are demanding  government help in debt relief  and waiver loans for the farmers.

some India farmers are protesting by holding living mice in their mouths, killing them selves and making road blocks


The drought in Tamil Nadu, which was officially declared on January 10, 2017, is worse in over 140 years. The National Human Rights Commission also said the issue of farmer suicide in drought-hit Tamil Nadu is a matter of concern.
The protesters say around 400 farmers have killed themselves over the past six months and claim that the skulls, apparently dug out of family graves, are of some of the farmers who committed suicide

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