Hon Okello Oryem

I Brought Chua to Prosperity – Hon Henry Okello Oryem

Hon Henry Okello Oryem in hight  gears seeking for votes as the only true disciple to liberte Chua.

According to Oryem, just like the biblical analogy of Israelite who wandered in the wilderness for 40 years and finally through Joshua’s strong leadership, got to the land of milk and honey.

“I live for the moment when I lead Chua East to never-ending prosperity and development” Okello said

Adding that, Enemies of progress keep saying I have overstayed in power but it is not all about overstaying, it is about who is capable of providing the progress that the masses need?

According to Okello Oryem, majority voice is paramount in democracy. And he feels he is THE DESTINY of Chua East while urging his supporters to join him a head of NRM primary elections.

However Iren Obol, a resident wondered why Oryem attempted to boycott the transfer of former Kitgum RDC Lapolo to Gulu if his deeds really reflected his action and words.  ‘What prosperity in chua let him pin point them not even his home centre NAMUKORA is of any good’ Obol wondered.


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