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Tegwana residents in water hunt @Pat

Water Shortage Hits Gulu “GENERATOR FAULTY”- NWSC Area Manager Explains

Gulu municipality is experiencing acute shortage of water with inadequate supply of water from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation leaving over 400 household in the areas of Pece, Layibi and Laroo in dire need.

In a telephone interview with, Rackara, Paul, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) branch manager, Gulu explained that the current water shortage has been cause by the breakdown of the generator used for pumping water in the region.

“We are currently receiving inadequate rainfall since it’s a dry season and so the water levels are low. Besides, our generator has a mechanical fault and when there is no electricity, water supply is bound to be affected,” Paul said.

A woman only identified as Susan a resident of Tegwana when found at one of the local water source revealed that the problem is very tense.

“The condition is likely to go beyond this because water price has closed a worry price rate of 500 shillings compared to the original price at 200 shillings” said Susan.

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