2016: Faces of Northern Celebrities 2016

Laxy and Blamo

Laxy and Blamo Four days into the new year, The Northernews WIRE caught up with some of the celebrities in Gulu town and sought our for their 2016 resolution and this is what they had to say. Layeng Agrey Fortune AKA Laxy and Blamo who real names is Rubangakene Thomas are a popular item in the heart of Gulu city. They made a big break out in 2013 and remain to topple the chart with their hits like Pemiyo Marom, Bed Kigen and Kacote. In 2015 they were crowned Best R&B Gtown Awards and Best Luo m for the Northern Music Awards organized by mega Fm Juma Jammie production. “2016 we are looking at being the best music duo in the region and beyond”



“I have dedicated my entire time to bring back my music vibe this year’ Dennis O’brine aka Denne Dee


Omuge Dan aka Dan Mixx – after ousting Ojok Tye Kampala he has remain to fire the space with his comical music experience. for 2015 he says – I want the people to support me in this move so i can give them the best.


Kid P-Gold ‘We need to give our brothers and sister more promotion’ Dime empire we are set


voted Northern artist of the year at the recently concluded Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards says she wants to sing songs that will educate the population on the common issues affecting them most. As an advocate her songs like Wan Mon and Dacta Na have been great hits making her a house hold name in the region. She beat three bulls namely Lucky Bosmic Otim, Muzze bee and Okeng Born town to be crown Northern Artist of the year.


Onenechan freddie aka Dockta Freddie was voted the best Northern Artist of the year. Freddie is up for bigger challenge with his media career with hopes to get more big and better awards. He is currently working for speak Fm


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