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How i lost my Weight – My weight loss story

I’d been going to the gym for about five months, but I hadn’t lost any weight. I was actually putting on weight. I thought my diet might be the problem. I looked up online how many calories I should be eating a day to lose weight.

I knew I wasn’t a healthy weight. Fashionable clothes just looked wrong on me, even if they fitted correctly. I was having to buy bigger sizes far too often. I’ve been a size 10-12 all my life, but the weight’s been creeping up over the last five years. My last few jobs have been deskbound and my activity levels have gone down.

One day, I just realised how big I’d got and I decided I wanted to get back to my ideal weight. I’ve got a five-week holiday of a lifetime to the US planned this summer. My boyfriend and I will be doing a road trip through California on a Harley Davidson, finishing up in Hawaii. It’s given me plenty of motivation.

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