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Karamoja region is “worst place to be a child”

“Karamoja faces development challenges that put it in a different sphere from the rest of Uganda,” Health Minister Stephen Malinga said on 1 October at the launch of a child health campaign. “The situation is alarming and health indicators are beyond emergency levels.” Speaking at Namuduka village in Moroto District, he said: “Only 3.4 percent of households in Karamoja have ...

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Karamoja’s Chance At Education

For several years, the adage ‘Uganda will not wait for Karamoja to develop’ meant that the people of the northeastern region were deprived of all social amenities. Thus while many of Uganda’s children were walking to school every morning, those in Karamoja were grazing their cattle, right into adulthood, without any recourse to learning. Then in 1998, a new system ...

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