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Female Mutilation in Uganda and Africa

When you enter Bukwo, a remote district in eastern Uganda, you are welcomed by a billboard saying: “Stop female circumcision, it is dangerous to women’s health”. Any person would expect the Sabiny, who inhabit the area, to take the message seriously, but the turn of events reveals otherwise.Female genital mutilation is a traditional practice where a girl’s clitoris or both ...

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Dubai’s most unique hotels

Burj Al Arab — We’re still unsure why one might need a revolving four poster bed, but at $24,000 a night you can deliberate for yourself in the Burj Al Arab’s Royal Suite. Located in the world’s first seven-star hotel and decadently furnished across 8,400 square feet, it’s still perhaps the most coveted place to lay your head in Dubai. ...

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Mobile Money systems a serious competition to Uganda Banks

Banks Vs Mobile Money in Uganda

In Uganda, u will find mobile money outlets almost in every corner of town and roadside, The mobile money business has employed thousands of Uganda in rural and Urban.  Its good news to most of us but its turning out as a serious competition to banks in Uganda. Some people are keeping millions on there mobile money accounts instead of ...

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Gheto President Bobi Wine has the crowds and with crowds, comes a win in elections

Artiste Robert Kyagulanyi, known as Bobi Wine  is campaigning to be Mp for  Kyadondo-East . Every rally he makes is full of people and happy funs promising him its a sure vote for him. Crowds dont lie . Less people means less votes, huge crowds means many votes.

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Dog meat at China’s Festival. Stuff tastes like Chicken

Dog meat hasn’t been banned after all at China’s Yulin festival China’s notorious dog meat festival where thousands of dogs are slaughtered every year has begun despite claims it was set to be banned. Horrific images from the city of Yulin show the animals’ bodies lying on market stalls and the meat simmering in a large wok. It had been hoped ...

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Personal details of over 200 million American voters have been leaked, your not safe

If you’re an American citizen, then chances are some of your personal details have been exposed in what experts are calling the largest known data leak of its kind. Information of more than 200 million people has been accidentally put out for the world to see by a marketing firm tasked with helping the Republican National Committee over the election ...

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‘Uganda’s ugliest man’ is a father of eight children with hot Chic

Godfrey Baguma , 47 years has now 8 children. Her first wife who he chased after he discovered she was cheating left him with 2 kids, down the road, he managed to get another woman, Kate. Him and her wife Kate have managed to give birth to 6 other kids making 8. Speaking of their romance, Kate said: ‘Once you find ...

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The pop star Rihanna in Africa, Uganda ,Malawi

rihanna in malawi

Rihanna in uganda after Malawi.  American Artiste Rihanna visits Africa, Malawi. she’s making education a top priority in Africa. Being the founder of Clara Lionel Foundation. Organisation In the fight against injustice, inequality, and poverty, access to education and health . Rihanna  spent time with local students in malawi and helped them with Math. Watch Rihanna in uganda after Malawi

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We soaked ourselves in water to run down 16 floors in Grenfell Tower fire

A couple had to soak themselves in water and dash down 16 storeys of fire after a sobbing emergency operator told them nobody could save them from the horrific Grenfell Tower fire. Sener Macit, 56, and his wife Hanife, 57, braved the smoke-filled staircases of the Latimer Road high rise almost three hours after the blaze was reported at around ...

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Grow your business with Email List Databases?

Email Marketing

Ready to grow your business with Email Marketing? You can Start finding new customers with targeted, accurate, mailing lists and marketing campaigns. Direct Mail can be one of the most powerful ways to acquire new clients, connect with customers, grow your business, and more. You can do this using Email APPS, Email Softwares and Online websites , And good news ...

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