Quick Books Accounting Software

Take control of cashflow and know where your money is going, all in one place. Quick Books Online is the best accounting software for small businesses. It’s intuitive to use, competitively priced, connects to your business bank accounts, and is packed with features such as invoicing, expense tracking, inventory management, purchase ordering, and reporting. The dashboard interface feels intuitive. It ...

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Insurance Business – Start an Insurance Agency

Business Insurance

Looking for a recession-proof business? Insurance Business is one of those industries that is largely untroubled by the state of any economy.In modern day  life,  You can’t own a car without automobile insurance, there is insurance everywhere. The country laws ensure  that there will always be a steady supply of health insurance customers. Of the major insurance types, the only one ...

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FREE VoIP Phone Service

Free VoIP phone service

VoIP Phone Service is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. With VoIP Phone Service, you enjoy uncompromised  calling and you say goodbye to phone bills. VoIP phone services are best known for their affordability compared to traditional phone lines. Calls to others using the ...

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Why apartments are better than houses in investment

Apartments are a growing demand in every country. There are more single and two-person rent apartments  today than there’s even been,  and reason is , in the suburbs people want to be close to work places, entertainment, business centers but not to  live in a five bedroom  Mansion. u get the ideal.  Investing in apartments will be worthy and u ...

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Two acres of coffee can earn you Shs32m a year

DID YOU KNOW … that coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the whole world, second only to crude oil. Cultivated in over 70 countries by thousands of independent farmers, coffee is one of the oldest commodities in the world. While most youth despise coffee growing in Uganda, the fact is its one  of the cash crops you cant go ...

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Uganda’s Economy is abit tricky even to Multi National Businesses like Nakumat

Nakumatt shuts down three branches in Uganda. Nakumatt Supermarkets has shut three branches in Uganda as part of the ongoing restructuring process initiated to stem extreme financial pressure that has resulted from a huge mountain of debt. Knight Frank Uganda, the property manager of the Acacia Mall, Village Mall and Victoria Mall, says Nakumatt ceased being a tenant of the ...

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Grow your business with Email List Databases?

Email Marketing

Ready to grow your business with Email Marketing? You can Start finding new customers with targeted, accurate, mailing lists and marketing campaigns. Direct Mail can be one of the most powerful ways to acquire new clients, connect with customers, grow your business, and more. You can do this using Email APPS, Email Softwares and Online websites , And good news ...

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Business in China

China’s rise as a consumer economy has long been suspected, but recent figures have confirmed that the once export-orientated powerhouse is now much more internally focussed, creating ample opportunities for companies looking to expand abroad. Official figures recently revealed that China had been pushed into deficit in the month of March 2013, although there was still a surplus of near ...

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Using a Fixed Bank Account to Harvest Millions

It is a safer investment option when compared to other investment types such as shares or the money market. A fixed deposit account is an investment account and a type of savings account in which money is deposited for a stated period of time and a fixed interest rate is paid at the end of that period by the bank. ...

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Invest in Uganda Gold in Karamoja, Kigezi, Busia, Mubende and Buhweju

Gold production in Uganda has radically increased in the recent past. Today gold sales contribute about 30% of Uganda’s export revenue. With gold deposits spread across the country, Uganda offers companies a great opportunity to invest in gold mining. Uganda’s Gold Mining Regions So far, exploitation of gold in the country has been concentrated in a few areas such as ...

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