free VoIP phone service

Make Completely Free Calls to Any Phone Worldwide

Yes, you really can make free phone calls using the internet! Free internet phone programs (VoIP phone service) lets you make free phone calls,using special Voip  softwares.

You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular data plan to take advantage of these VoIP services. For clarity, a dynamic or condenser microphone or headset is better than your computer’s built-in microphone for voice calls. If you plan to make video calls, you’ll need a compatible webcam. For free calling, use a Wi-Fi connection to the internet. You can also use a cellular data connection, but you might incur data charges from the cellular provider unless you have an unlimited data plan.

To take full advantage of whichever free calling app you choose, ask your family and friends to sign up to the service so all your communications with them – text, voice and video – are totally free anywhere in the world.

The free callings apps listed here have survived the test of time and have a large number of registered users. Any of them can be used to place free calls.

1. Viber

2.Whats App

3. Google Voice

4. ooVoo

5. Skype

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