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Insurance Business – Start an Insurance Agency

Looking for a recession-proof business? Insurance Business is one of those industries that is largely untroubled by the state of any economy.In modern day  life,  You can’t own a car without automobile insurance, there is insurance everywhere.

The country laws ensure  that there will always be a steady supply of health insurance customers. Of the major insurance types, the only one that is even considered optional by some people is life insurance — but in today’s more financially savvy world, that is less true than ever before.

What It Takes to Set Up  Insurance business

In many ways, insurance business  is no different from any other business opportunity. But it also comes with some more unique considerations. First and foremost among them is the licensing process. In order to sell insurance anywhere in the  country, you must first pass a state licensing exam. Other insurance-specific considerations include gaining appointments from insurance companies so you can sell their products.

Get  Licensed for insurance business

You must be licensed to sell insurance in each state that you plan on soliciting business. While some states allow you to transfer your license, some do not.

All states require that you take and pass between 20 and 40 hours of general insurance education courses and up to 12 hours of ethics courses before you can take their licensing exam.


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