Free VoIP phone service

FREE VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Service is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. With VoIP Phone Service, you enjoy uncompromised  calling and you say goodbye to phone bills.

VoIP phone services are best known for their affordability compared to traditional phone lines. Calls to others using the same VoIP provider are always free, and the monthly rates for calling landlines and mobiles around the world are a fraction of the cost of traditional services. So, while you’ll be getting an affordable phone solution regardless of the company you choose, the list below highlights the VoIP companies with the lowest rates in the industry. The best option for you depends on your lifestyle and calling habits. For example, someone who rarely picks up the phone could get by on a limited or pay-as-you-go plan, whereas someone who makes a lot of calls would be better off investing in an unlimited plan. Contract length is also something to think about, as most companies give discounts to those who commit to a longer term.

Top five Companies with cheapest VoIP phone service include;

  1. LINGO
  2. VOIPO
  4. SKYPE

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