Why apartments are better than houses in investment

Apartments are a growing demand in every country. There are more single and two-person rent apartments  today than there’s even been,  and reason is , in the suburbs people want to be close to work places, entertainment, business centers but not to  live in a five bedroom  Mansion. u get the ideal.  Investing in apartments will be worthy and u cant lose in real estate.

“There’s a whole new generation of people leaving home looking at apartment living, and basically, it’s not necessary for these types of people to own a house with land.”

Apartments will continue to make good investments, because it all comes back to supply and demand.

Its also a  better deal to own a small slice of a highly valuable piece of  land, rather than a large slice of a low-value land out there .

“If you buy an apartment in a premium land-locked suburb, the land has a higher value. There might be a block of 5 apartments , for instance, where the land beneath is worth alot of money. Your land-to-asset ratio is a lot higher, and that’s really what drives the price up.”

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