what it means for DACA TO END

Trump’s decision to wind down DACA unless Congress acts doesn’t just threaten 800,000 immigrants. It threatens America’s immigration legacy.

1. Trump just turned DACA into a ticking time bomb for 800,000 immigrants.

2. It’s going to be harder for people with US-born family members to “get legal” than it’s ever been


There’s never really been a time when a generation of people, raised and rooted in the United States, has been stripped of official recognition and pushed back into the precarity of unauthorized-immigrant life.

Even though DACA never officially legalized anyone, ending it would be, in a way, the biggest “illegalization” of immigrants in American history.

DACA was one such attempt. If Congress and the White House can’t agree on a bill within a six-month timeframe, and the Trump administration rescinds DACA, the US will be in wholly uncharted territory.

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