Live, work and Survive in USA – A survival guide for immigrants

USA can be challenging at first when you have just started living there and Is it really so stressful or difficult to survive in the USA as an immigrant or an international student without any family backup or support? unless you won a Green Card lottery  or Diversity Visa. Were going to Deal with real-life situations, such as arriving in the United States, communicating by phone and mail, getting around, handling money, finding somewhere to stay, getting something to eat,  entertainment and hospitality, and what to do if you get sick.

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O n arrival in the US your first task is to battle your way through immigration and customs. You should obtain some dollars before arriving, as this saves you having to change money on arrival. You may find it more convenient to arrive on a weekday rather than during the weekend, when offices, banks and stores may be closed.

With the exception of certain visitors, everyone wishing to enter the US requires a visa. If you stop in the US in transit to another country, you may be required to go through US immigration and customs at your first port of entry. Even if you’re just going to sit in a transit lounge for a few hours, you probably require a US visa.

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