How To Rise again after You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Life sometimes can push us to  “rock bottom” moment where you are  broke,  divorced, jobless or maybe even homeless. What would you do if you found yourself in this situation? What steps would you take to dig yourself out?

This is precisely the situation that Lewis Howes, a New York Times Best Selling Author, found himself in a few years ago. Howes used to be a professional football player and all of his hopes and dreams were crushed when he broke his wrist and had to sit out for a year and a half to recover. Broke, unemployed and sleeping on his sister’s couch, Howes hit rock bottom and realized he had no other skills in life. Faced with the powerful need to survive, Howes turned to entrepreneurship to figure out how to put food on the table.

Here are three pieces of advice from someone who’s been there and back on how to dig yourself out of the hole when you’ve hit rock bottom:    This can help  someone who is recovering from Divorce, depressed, jobless,..list is endless

Start with a vision

Sometimes when people think of vision they think they have to come up with some outrageous plan to conquer the world or something huge like that.I think a personal vision is about who you are becoming first and foremost, and then what you want to accomplish.

Howes.L suggests physically writing this vision down with the specific date of when it is going to be achieved by and reviewing this note every single day. By doing so you will be forced to align your day to day actions with the larger vision and this will help you overcome minor moments of adversity, a feeling of being overwhelmed or just burned out.

Invest in long-term relationships

We’ve all heard the saying “Your network is your net worth” and Lewis Howes can vouch for this first hand. In this day and age of the modern Internet it is easy for us to sit behind a computer and interact with people via email, social media or even chatting online. Think about the last time you actually picked up the phone and intentionally called someone just to check in or catch up? For me, it’s been years. Whenever I think of a friend or a contact I automatically default to email or Whatsapp/Facebook messenger. But remember when it comes to professional networking, nothing cements a relationship like a face-to-face meeting.

Find a coach

The last piece of advice from Howes is to find a coach. A coach can come in many different forms whether it is reading books, following influencers or actually hiring a professional coach to keep you accountable. Find someone who can guide you and give you feedback and steer you in the right direction. A trusted party that you can learn from, expand your network with and celebrate your growth.


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