DACA Lawyer , Immigration Lawyers fight to save Mexican native

Hours after the Trump administration announced it’d be scrapping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, immigration advocates took up the issue in an ongoing Brooklyn federal court case.

Lawyers for Martín Jonathan Batalla Vidal are fighting a 2015 federal government decision to revoke the Queens resident’s three-year employment authorization. They said officials yanked Batalla Vidal’s work authorization soon after a Texas federal judge issued an injunction blocking certain Obama-era immigration initiatives, including an expanded version of DACA.

The Trump administration said it was terminating the entire DACA program Tuesday. Batalla Vidal’s suit — at least in the current form — was fighting the revocation of a work permit that flowed from the DACA program.

His legal team asked Judge Nicholas Garaufis for permission to tack on new arguments and class action allegations in light of DACA’s demise.

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