Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Houston, TX

To have a car in Houston TX, you need car insurance, just as in any other state. But which insurace company  to use, The internet has thousands of options for Cheapest auto insurance and this brings a challenge of choosing, In this post , we will help you decide without wasting another time.

When looking for cheap car insurance,  comparison  is important. and it  takes time to do so,  Consulting  your area’s local phone book, calling  or visiting  agencies near you, all this is time,

Here is Cheapest Auto Car Insurance Cos in  Houston, Texas

We  did a survey of 5 companies from Houston and the Harris County area to see which auto insurers in Texas generally offered the rates. We found out Texas Farm Bureau  has the  cheapest auto insurance quotes for an  average premium of $1,284–about half as expensive as the city average.  The next best auto insurer in Houston Tx is  Progressive, around $250 per year more expensive.


1. Texas Farm Bureau with average annual rate: ($1,284)
2.Progressive with average annual rate: ($1,542)
3.State Farm with average annual rate: ($1,560)
4.GEICO with average annual rate: ($1,577)
5.Mercury with average annual rate: ($1,992)


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