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Houston TX Auto Car Insurance Claim if Denied, what next

When people file an auto insurance claim, they expect the insurance company to pay in a fair and prompt manner. Under Houston Texas law, Houston insurance companies have a duty of good faith and fair dealing when processing claims, which means that they cannot refuse to compensate you for a claim that is covered under the policy at issue. Despite the fact that insurers must have a legitimate reason to deny a policyholder’s claim, Houston TX insurance companies routinely try to underpay on claims or look for any reasons to deny coverage.

So, what do you do if Auto Insurance claim has been denied,

Just because your Auto car insurance claim is denied after an accident does not mean you abandon your claim and end negotiations with the insurance company. You still have options to pursue the insurance money that you need to pay for your damages and injuries. Your first step is to review your claim denial letter, understand the reasoning used by the company in making its decision, and submit an argument against the denial. The process of appealing an insurance claim denial can be handled without a lawyer, but an insurance attorney can be a valuable asset if the insurance company is particularly resistant to paying the claim.

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