Investing in Africa, Businesses to start in Africa

Wondering which business to invest in that  can work in Africa?

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent with over over  1.216 billion people(as of 2016). We all know people matter in any business. Without people, every patent in the world would be worthless. People are the ultimate consumers of every product and service, and this brings us to point two, if Africa market is worthy investing in,  then what services or products can be introduced in Africa business sectors.

Below are some of business ideals worthy looking at if you are interested in doing Business in Africa and not limited to ;

1. Internet services , Automated  /mobile services for Africa countries.
Me myself have lived in Africa and traveled in more than 10 African Countries and one of the thing i have realized is the poor  expensive  internet services and the manual systems they have in government sectors, education sectors, health etc. Travel to Uganda as an example  and you will buy 1Gb at 12 Dollars weekly and at speed of 2Mb per second. Systems in education sector, Health, government  are so manual and those that are automatic unreliable.

Africa E-commerce  is only in its very early stages and i believe innovative eCommerce systems can be a very bi business in Africa.  A good positioning, and a well rounded branding and customers service will help any well funded startup in this segment to make fortunes.

2. Housing
Africa Housing Sector is worthy investing in. A huge housing problem in all its urban areas. Numbers are increasingly high in urban cities in Africa yet little or no plans are made to meet those numbers. Government and private investors in this area will need the support of edgy and ambitious entrepreneurs.

3. Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of Africa’s most abundant natural resources. Most parts of sub-Saharan Africa enjoy more than 300 days of free God-given sunlight every year.

Over 600 million people on the continent, especially in rural areas, don’t have access to reliable electricity. In most cities and towns, power outages are the norm and people often have to rely on noisy petrol and diesel power generators. In some cities, power is off every 10 Hours every day and in villages, its days every week.

Solar energy is free, absolutely clean and abundant. And it provides the best alternative for people in remote parts of Africa who are out of reach of electricity grids.

Interestingly, some smart entrepreneurs are rising to the challenge of lighting up Africa through solar energy, and are very likely to join the millionaires club in 2017.

4. Education.

With one of the world’s youngest populations (over 50 percent of Africans are younger than 31), the continent is rich with creative and innovative talent. However, poor access to quality education is a serious threat to Africa’s human capital.  E-learning in Africa  is  a new thing   and creative learning and vocational institutions are enough compared to numbers of people.



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