STOP Slave Trade In Libya, Let the World Know About Slave Trade In Libya

Black People are being sold as Slaves in Tripoli, Libya at $400 a piece and the world is watching without saying anything. Please share  this post to  make this evil known everywhere. African migrants are sold as slaves by Libyan human traffickers who have their organs harvested, bodies mutilated and roasted like kebabs.

To the lucky ones, they are sold as farm men


libya slave trade

they remove trousers from Men and tie your hands and legs

Poor youth beaten and stripped after resisting arrest by the slave traders in Libya, some are beaten severely and drowned in the sea

T.I. ARTIST SAYS: ‘Gaddafi’s Absence Made This Possible’

There are currently over 30,000 African migrants being held in Libya often in enslaved conditions. A recent video published by a CNN investigative team showed that modern-day slave auctions are being conducted in the country with some migrants being sold for little as $400.


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