Kyalya Maureen Waluube, Ugandan Female Presidential Hopeful

NRM Government Has Reduced UGANDANS to Market Products – Maureen Kyalya

Ugandan female presidential contender has lashed at the government as being greedy and feasting on foreign donation at the expense of the rural poor.

“The 2016 presidential elections are merely accountability to the European Union for stolen funds” Kyalya said.

She further alleges that, even before polls are conducted it’s a sure win for Museveni and NRM who are bound to use force if necessary to retain power.

According to Kyalaya, the NRM Government has never been elected into power and their attitude lately clearly shows that it has no intentions of being elected out of power”

“Yes, I have to continue taking part in the DUMMY elections but the truth and reality is Buganda, Eastern and Northern regions will never be allowed to recover from the deliberate extreme poverty and political turmoil”

She further stressed that, were the opposition will gather sufficient evidence of rigging; all those affected by the Inequalities of the NRM Government should come forward and support her cause for Independence against Museveni’s government.

“It would make more sense if Buganda was part of the seceding regions but it raises a crucial legal question of who we shall be divorcing from since UGANDA is technically Buganda”

Kyalya believes that the earlier Ugandan start demanding for their independence the better but does not suggest how this can best be done without pointing at the coming polls.


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