There are enormous benefits for advertising with Northernews Wire besides giving you mileage we,

  • Guarantee wide sharing options and viewership of your Ad by thousands of people within Northern Uganda and far beyond.
  • Advertisers with Northernews WIRE reach a socially conscious audience with our robust one on one marketing team on ground.
  • Advertising with us will enables you tap into new opportunities of the largely isolated rural and semi-rural communities as we share current client’s product insight and partnership role regularly.
  • Advertising on a platform visited by hundreds give your mileage when they eventually see your products online and begin talking about it. This will definitely give your business a boom, clearly knowing noting that good exposure can influence a shift in market demand for your products as people seek to try it out.

Seen, tried it, known and tested they will now build confidence in your product as a certified product relevant for consumption. Open adverts make people count on your product or service as genuine and certified thus it deliberate use in the market economy.

To advertise with us contact the sales team at:

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